Three Phase Power Transformers
Audio Transformers
Linear line chokes
Swinging chokes
DC - DC converters
Case Fabrication
UL certified
Mil - Spec transformers
Low noise emitting transformers

Shafer Magnetic Components expertise is in the design, testing and manufacturing of custom magnetic devices. Particular emphasis has been placed on the development of fully enclosed electrostatic shielding (box shield) techniques which yield the ultimate in capacitive balance and isolation where grounding and common mode currents are to be challenged.

Vacuum molding, impregnation & potting along with a constantly updated awareness of new compounds and insulating materials has led to great success in Hi Voltage applications. Requirements of working voltages to 30KV are not uncommon.

We can meet your high volume production needs with our multiple winder and high speed single winders. Custom and standard packaging for printed circuit plug in, surface mount, low profile and confined spaces are also available.

Toroids Shielded Transformers Audio
Auto Transformers Step-up Step-down Pulse
Hi-Voltage Low-Voltage DC-DC
Inductors Air Coils / RF Bobbin / Coils
Printed Circuit Board Coils

Vacuum impregnation
  • varnish
  • epoxy
  • Testing-Electrical
  • in house
  • environmental contracted
  • Sheet metal cases
  • MIL-T-27
  • brackets
  • mounting fixtures
  • misc

  • mandrils
  • drill jigs
  • molds and fixtures
  • Silk-screen P/N’s, Pin Location, schematics and logos.

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